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Other Microbiology Laboratory Equipment

Our additional Microbiology Laboratory equipment covers a range of essential applications including water testing, environmental monitoring and microscopy straining.


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Oxoid Air Sampler  

Thermo Scientific Oxoid Air Sampler

For use in the pharmaceutical and food production areas or clinical settings for environmental monitoring.


IUL Spin Air

The IUL Spin Air is the ultimate instrument for air sampling. Its special design of the holes combined with slow rotation of the plate allows using 100% of the surface compared with the 5% of the still devices. Four models to choose from.

  IUL Spin Air
IUL PolyStainer  

IUL PolyStainer Laboratory Stainer

Automating slide staining is a must for labs that wish to increase their yield. The IUL PolyStainer performs standardised staining procedures that free lab staff from labour- intensive staining procedures. General microbiology and histology labs that seek to reduce sample staining workloads will greatly benefit from its use. The PolyStainer is easy to use and completely programmable. Store up to 10 different programs using customised bath and agitation time.


TECTA™ Automated Microbiological Detection

TECTA™ is an automated microbiological platform that uses patented Polymer Partition technology to rapidly and reliably detect E. coli, Total Coliforms, Faecal Coliforms and Enterococci contamination. Available for testing 4 or 16 samples, the instrument is simple, sensitive and flexible, allowing for testing of samples at any time of the day. The TECTA™ can also automatically send notification as soon as a contamination event is detected.

  TECTA™ B16 Automated Microbiological Detection
Microbiology Air Sampler   Polystainer - Gram Stain Automation

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